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Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) introduced gold coins into the market as an instrument that will enable investors to store value.
Zimbabwe also released smaller units of gold coins into the market in 2022 to respond to public demand.
Zimbabwe introduced a new gold-backed digital currency called 'Zimbabwe Gold' (ZiG), backed by gold in milligrams.
Iraq has become the fourth largest Arab gold reserve after it was the sixth, surpassing Egypt and Libya, which ranked fifth and sixth, respectively.
The Japanese yen has dropped to its lowest level against the dollar in a year, near records of all time lows.
The government of Malaysia is actively exploring the idea of using the gold dinar as a reserve currency.
This was revealed by the country's leader statement.
Turkey bought 94.63 metric tons of gold in 2022, worth around $47 billion, more than any other nation.
Switzerland shipped 58.3 metric tons of gold to Turkey in January 2023, valued at $3.8 billion.
This is the largest amount the nation has shipped in a single month since 2012. Following that, Turkey embarked on the selling rampage, selling 81 tons in April and 15 tons in March 2023, bringing its current gold reserves down to 439.75 metric tons.
According to reports, Turkey's gold offloading was caused by favorable domestic market conditions as well as a spike in demand for the yellow metal.
Gold/Turkish Lira live chart: