United States Dollar

The country with the largest gold reserve is the United States, holding 8,133 metric tons.
Gold holdings are by far the largest of all the top nations.
The gold standard was officially abandoned in 1971 when the U.S. no longer allowed converting the U.S. dollar to gold.
Rep. Alex Mooney addressed the House on the Gold Standard Restoration Act that would return the U.S. to the gold standard.
Texas Lawmakers Introduced Bills to Create Digital Currency Backed by Gold.
More than 42 states have removed some or all taxes from the purchase of gold and silver.
Gold/Dollar live chart:

The United States dollar ($), America's official currency, holds a unique status in the world of finance and trade.
The petrodollar system, established in the 1970s, further solidified the dollar's dominance.
Most oil transactions worldwide are conducted in dollars, making it essential for nations to hold significant reserves of dollars to secure their energy needs.