Donald Trump

Revaluation hints

Trump Donald Trump is a big fan of gold.
The most important situations in which Donald Trump suggested the revaluation of currencies and the gold standard should be considered:
In the foreground are his statements from a conference held with Prime Minister Abe of Japan:
"Much sooner than a lot of people understand or think, we will be all at a level playing field because that's the only way it's fair that's the only way that you can fairly compete in trade..."
Before announcing his candidacy in 2015, he went down the famous escalator, together with Melania, and behind it appears a golden banner with the golden inscription "Currency exchange".
In another conference in the Rose Garden, he made some jokes about RVs, suggesting that he would be happy to buy one (Recreational Vehicle).
We all know what RV stand for.
Trump is the owner of a golden hotel located in Las Vegas.
He posted a resounding message on his Twitter page:
"Gold is the standard, but silver linings are pretty great too.".
Judy Shelton, an economic advisor closely aligned with former President Donald Trump has expressed a desire for the United States to return to the gold standard.
Shelton was also Trump's nominee for the Federal Reserve board of governors.
She advocated for getting back to a gold standard, possibly "in a very cryptocurrency way."
Considering the inflation and the colossal amounts of gold bought by the other states, it is almost impossible for Trump in his next mandate not to accelerate the transition to the gold standard and the revaluation of the currency.
He often called this process the transition to greatness, always leaving in suspense some grandiose plans to achieve in the near future.