There are several European countries in the top of the largest gold reserves:
Germany with 3,355.14 tons ranking second, Italy 2,451.84 tons ranking third, France 2,436.5 tons ranking fourth, Switzerland 1,040 tons ranking seventh, and Netherlands 612.45 tons ranking tenth.
The European Central Bank has a stock of 506.3 tonnes alone.
The Dutch government is considering a groundbreaking strategy to cancel debt by revaluing the gold price.
The Governor of the Dutch central bank emphasized the role of the gold revaluation account in securing the central bank's solvency during a televised interview about potential losses.
This innovative approach challenges traditional financial strategies and has generated significant attention and debate, potentially influencing global economic policy.
Gold/Euro live chart:

The euro (€) stands as a symbol of European unity and economic strength.
As the official currency of 19 out of the 27 European Union (EU) member states, it plays a crucial role in fostering stability, promoting trade, and unifying Europe.